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College of Magical Knowledge

James C. Christensen

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This is a good place for retreat and contemplation. You can see that all kinds of people go there. There are the "Bird Hunters," the "Fishwalker," a "Butterfly Fisherman," the "Pear Balancer" and other Fellowes of the College. The implication, however, is that there is a lot more going on that you can’t see. Characters from all realms come to this place to develop. This is the navel of a lot of what happens in “the land a little left of reality.”

“Scientia est Potentia,” the inscription over the entrance, means “Knowledge is Power.” It doesn’t necessarily refer to the traditional human uses of power, however. This knowledge gives access to the magic, not the power to become political beings or financiers. You don’t learn ordinary things here. The Fellowes have an incredible library of stuff which we can only guess at. It informs them and gets them to where they are going . . . which definitely isn’t the same place to whisk regular universities guide you.

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