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James Bama

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Height21.25 inxWidth 13.25 in

Limited Edition of: 1000



He is called the Grizzly Man. The horns on his head are made of grizzly bear claws. His face is painted bright red, with markings in black paint to represent grizzly tracks. His necklace is made of grizzly claws, too. By dressing himself this way, the Grizzly Man attempts to capture the power of the grizzly bear, just as the "Cheyenne Wolf Scout" uses wolf symbols to give him the strength and stealth of the wolf.

This man is preparing for war. That much is made clear by the robe he is wearing. It's called a Blackfeet War Exploits Robe. Its paintings depict all this man's coups - his prowess in battle. Underneath the robe, his legs are painted red with more grizzly tracks on them. Whoever his enemy may be, the Grizzly Man is ready to stand and fight.

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