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Breaking Cover

Guy Combes

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Height17 inxWidth 28 in

Limited Edition of: 30



Safari Tip #8 – Sighting a Leopard: “My mantra on safari for sighting leopards is one taught to me by my father,” relates Guy Combes. “Don't look for a large cat with spots because that's not what you will see. At any distance over 100 feet the spots begin to lose their definition and magically blend into whatever background the cat occupies. If you are in bright-green Aberdare cloud forest or dry warm savannah, it makes no difference.

“What you must look for is a large brown almost invisible cat. The only thing that will give him away (and he'd get rid of it if it wasn't for its usefulness as a counterbalance when climbing trees) is the bright white tip at the end of his tail, which he twitches and waves around like he's trying to shake the damn thing off.”

Another rare sighting is to watch a painting come together from beginning to end in under two minutes. Guy Combes has provided that for "Breaking Cover," which you can view by clicking below. If you’ve come this far, don’t miss it.

It is exciting to watch an artist create and while our process may be far more technical, it’s magical in its own way as well. In the end, the only way you could possess a finer version of the Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Canvas "Breaking Cover" would be to own the original itself. But don’t wait too long because with an edition of only 30, spots won’t be the only thing making this leopard hard to find!


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