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Frank C. McCarthy

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Height13 inxWidth 15 in

Limited Edition of: 1000



"The Chief" carries a fur-wrapped lance, bound to which, near the feathers, is a bird. This talisman was thought to enhance his vision. A scalp hangs from his horse's rein. His coup marks, or victory marks, as they were also known, can be seen along the length of his leg. There are many coup marks which is probably one of reasons he is chief.

"The Standard Bearer" usually rode next to the chief when they went into battle. He carried a lance, sometimes up to ten feet long so his fellow warriors could find their chief easily. They could see the lance from anywhere on the battlefield. The standard bearer's ermine headdress bears split buffalo horns and wrapped buffalo skin. There are bear claws on his shield and a picture of a bear in the center.

"The Scout" normally wore the skin of a wolf; this was the custom in many different tribes. A little medicine bundle is hanging from his horse's rein and on his shield is an abstract painting of a buffalo. The stripes on the horse's leg and the scout's arm are coup marks, signifying accomplishments in battle.

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