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Frank C. McCarthy

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Height20.5 inxWidth 30.31 in

Limited Edition of: 1000



The desert is broken up by all kinds of arroyos and the "Pony Express" rider is being chased by the Indians. The man is rising up and jumping over; with the Indians staying off to the side - not threatening him but yet close enough.

It was really a horse race. The Indians really weren't very hostile in most cases. They always enjoyed the race. It was a matter of pride if they could beat the Express man. The Express riders had many stops so they were able to outrun the Indians. The service had way stations all over, where the riders could change horses, so they were able to run faster for shorter periods of time.

The Express only lasted about a year. The telegraph was being put up as the Pony Express was being run. The Pony Express riders used to run right next to the telegraph lines. But when the telegraph went through, the Pony Express went out completely. It was a very short but very picturesque time.

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