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James C. Christensen

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Clothed in garb of cobwebs and moonlight, "Fiona" catches your gaze. Like all of the sídhe (faeries) she is breathtakingly beautiful, but Fiona is more than meets the eye. Celtic legends tell of men and women who followed the unearthly music of the faeries deep into the woods and were never seen again. Other folk tell a friendlier tale of the leanan sídhe, the faerie muses who protect artists and poets in exchange for their immortal love. James Christensen’s "Fiona" shines in her natural adornments. If you look closely, you’ll see the half-hidden subjects of her kingdom: flowers, animals and insects, hidden amid her garments. If you look closer still, you just might find exactly what you seek, but beware — the promises of faeries are fleeting and nothing is ever quite what it seems.

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