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Field of Dreams

Steve Hanks

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Height27 inxWidth 13 in

Limited Edition of: 75

Limited Edition Canvas


Like most of artist Steve Hanks’ paintings, there are rich layers of meaning and emotion in "Field of Dreams," his entry into the 2012 prestigious, national invitational Prix de West. Everything in this vertical composition points to the young girl’s dreams as the eye is drawn from her Western boots to her hair to the horse’s face to the road that carries you finally to the shining mountains on the horizon.

The connection between the girl and her horse is intimate and we can practically smell the animal and feel its breath on her shoulder. Strong and
absolutely trustworthy, the beloved horse is her most faithful confidant.
“This painting is about hopes and dreams that are shared and communicated in silence. Art can do that, too,” says Hanks. This spectacular landscape of a young woman’s dreams will inspire everyone who sees it and warm any room in your home.

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