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Iron Hail

Daniel Long Soldier

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Height7.5 inxWidth 12 in

Limited Edition of: 75



Daniel Long Soldier captures 4 different perspectives of the Battle of Little Bighorn. Many cavalry soldiers on horses fired their rifles from the top of the hill at "Fears Nothing in Yellow Body Paint" who, with lightning and hail markings, counts coup on a soldier with his hands, the bravest of brave warriors. "Iron Hail" rides into the Little Bighorn battle in Montana, June 25, 1876. A Cheyenne warrior with a cape attacks the cavalry on horseback, turns around and laughs at them and charges again with "Iron Hawk" who was only 14 years old. He only had time to put on an eagle feather, rub red paint on his face and grab his bow and arrows. "Magpie" wears a cape of the Strong Heart Society. He was a Lakota warrior who rides toward the cavalry and Crow Scouts who were shooting at him and dies of many wounds. Adorn your walls with American history.

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