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The Story of My Great-Grandfather Akicita (Suite of 4)

Daniel Long Soldier

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Daniel relates the story: "In 1860’s Red Horn leaves camp with Oglala Sioux war party. Along the Bozeman Trail they battled with cavalry men. Red Horn counts coup on high-ranking officer with his quirt and kills officer with bow and arrow. Red Horn takes the officers highly prized coat and saber and rides into camp wearing them. He is honored for his war deeds and trophies. He was given the name 'Long Soldier.'”

The exploits of the Oglala Sioux are family history to Daniel Long Soldier. In this four-piece set of his Lakota Wicitowa (Lakota Paintings) he brings us the story of how a warrior named Red Horn became Long Soldier and Daniel’s family name came to be. Created on 19th century ledger pages, this set is as an authentic piece of fine art and Plain’s history as any collector of the Native American experience could hope to own.

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