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Drawn from the Heart

Bev Doolittle

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Artist's Proof

Height9 inxWidth 12 in

Limited Edition of: 50

Limited Edition Print


"Drawning is a neccessy building block to any good painting, but often the artistic value of the drawing itself is overlooked.  Now and then, I'll surpise myself and capture the essence, flow, or gesture of an animal in a drawing, and not even realize that I've accomplished all this in art's purest form.  These horse drawings closely reflect my lifelong passion for the subject, my personal knowledge of the horse, and a certain level of drawing skill that is essential in this most demanding medium.  It's still here in black and white, in lines with soft edges for gently curving forms, and heard edges for sharply defined areas.  I've tried to communicate my love of horses in the most fundamental and elegant art form.  I hope you enjoyed the result as much as I enjoyed the artistic journey." -  Bev Doolittle


Set of Three Signed Limited Edition Original Etching on Paper. Each image is sized 9 X 12 in.

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