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Daddy´s Coming Home

Charles Wysocki

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“In my paintings, I want to hit every emotion I can - from the sublime to the silly,” Charles Wysocki said. The love of life, with all its wit and wisdom,
poetry and emotion, sights and sensations, is captured in his paintings.
“There is a simple message in my work,” Wysocki said, “and it is love.”

"Daddy’s Coming Home" tells a universal, yet deeply intimate and emotional story. We all have shared the same feeling, whether it is at the end of the day, the end of a business trip or even deployment overseas: the anticipation of seeing your father again.

“I am a devout admirer of the artist Winslow Homer,” said the artist. “He has always been an inspiration to me. He did a painting titled 'Dad’s Coming.' It featured a mother holding a baby and a young lad sitting on a small boat - all at water’s edge, looking out to sea. I was so moved by this work that I decided to do my own version of the same story.”

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