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Remington The Horticulturist

Charles Wysocki

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Remington is named for Frederic Remington and he's a very playful, red cat. He is always showing his appreciation for his board by bringing things, often-times a lizard. He is also a lover of flowers and might be called a "garden cat." Here he is sleeping in a box full of Shaker's Seeds packets surrounded by some of the most amazing contraptions and concoctions any cat could imagine . . . . He is in the gardener's shed among every implement, many of which only Rube Goldberg might use. They have trigger mechanisms and gauges and things like that. Take one look into Remington's shed and you'll be captivated by the invention and imagination. Accompanies the Collector's Edition of "Heartland." 15,000 s/n. 144 pages, 12" x 9"h.

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