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Wait'n fer Them to Mother-Up and Bed Down

Bob Coronato

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Height10 inxWidth 13 in

Limited Edition of: 75



“Today, just as in the past, after calves are branded, they’re taken to a summer pasture. The cows and their calves become separated in the drive and anyone who has moved large numbers of cows knows that one thing is for sure —it’s loud. One by one the cows quiet down and mother-up, wandering off in pairs.

"After a long day of moving cows, you can feel your body starting to creak. As the day begins to cool off, you and your horse just sit there. This was always an introspective time for me, sitting on my horse, waiting. You have time to look around and think. As the cows pair up it gets quieter and quieter, until there is just silence.”

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