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Them's A Bunch-A Bronc Stomp'n...Sun Fish'n...S.O.B.'s

Bob Coronato

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Height19.5 inxWidth 32 in

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"I knew a guy from Nevada who was always bragging about Nevada's rough 'n' ready cowboys and its wild horse ranches, so I took him up to the Wilson Ranch at Ridge, Montana, host of the wildest rodeo I know. The guy's watching close as this horse flies out of the shoot, makes a leap five feet in the air, growling like a bear and the guy yells out, 'Now them's a bunch a'bronc-stomping' S.O.B.s!' I used what he said for a title of this piece just modifying it a little. 'Sun fish 'n' is when a horse jumps up and bends its back in kind of a 'c' curve. As for the other words in the title, I don't guess they need definition!"

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