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The Lost Squadron

Craig Kodera

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In July 1942, America was making every effort to enter the air war raging over Europe. Departing from the United States, in what was called "Operation Bolero," a pair of B-17 Flying Fortresses flew in formation with six brand-new Lockheed P-38 Lightnings. Winging their way through frost-filled skies en route to England, the tiny armada became hopelessly lost. The planes ran low on fuel and were forced to land on Greenland's ice cap. Miraculously, all of the crew survived the belly landings. Even more miraculously, one of the aircraft was recovered almost fifty years later from under some two hundred feet of ice. Countersigned by Brad McManus, pilot of one of the P-38s and Roy Shoffner, leader of the Lost Squadron recovery expedition.

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