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A.M. Sortie

Craig Kodera

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Height9.88 inxWidth 20 in

Limited Edition of: 1000



The Lockheed P-38 was one of the most distinctive-looking U.S. Army Air Corps' planes during World War II. It originated as an entrant in, and subsequent winner of, the February 1937 U. S. Army Air Corps design competition for a high-performance pursuit plane capable of intercepting the enemy aircraft at high altitude. These are quintessential operational P-38s - the last of the "J" models -flying in the autumn of 1944 near the Lockheed factory in Burbank, California. At the helm of the foreground aircraft, is, of course, Tony LeVier, one of the greatest names in aviation history. He's a world-renowned racer, test pilot, writer and inventor. Countersigned by Anthony W. LeVier

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