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Tiger's Bite

Craig Kodera

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"The importance of the battle for the Aleutians cannot be underestimated; those islands were the only thing standing between the mainland and the Japanese. I really wanted to do this print because the Aleutians, at that time, saw some colorful flying and colorful people who did a good job against all odds." "Tiger's Bite" pictures John Chennault's P-40E as it shots down a Rufe in the fall of 1942. The Rufe was the floatplane version of the Zero fighter. It looks ungainly with all its pontoons, but it was a very effective airplane. John Chennault is the son of Claire Chennault, who commanded the Flying Tigers in China. The P-40E markings were in commemoration of Claire. Both Chennaults, apparently, were great squadron leaders. "The Aleutian Tigers went at it hot and heavy for over a year. Then, the Japanese left - under the cover of fog. Until then, however, it was just barbaric for those guys so I wanted to recognize them for their efforts."

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