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Voyager: The Skies Yield

Craig Kodera

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Height20.5 inxWidth 41.25 in

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The one significant fact in understanding what the Voyager did for aviation really has to do with the human spirit. Man has again conquered the elements of nature, and in doing so, re-established himself as the pre-eminent being here on earth. Two people, a man and a woman, face the challenge of nature's world head-on and defy all obstacles in their path. This painting depicts day three of ten. Typhoon Marge is squarely, and ominously, blocking the route Voyager along the Far Eastern rim of the Pacific. The decision to continue is made by the Voyager team based upon weather information supplied by the weather service and Rutan/Yeager. But the storm avoidance is risky, skirting the edge of the typhoon menace and adding distance to the original route, boosting fuel consumption and increasing flying time. The number two engine cannot be shut down as originally planned, allowing Voyager to "coast" on just one of its engines, because the airplane is still too heavy to cut back. This adds to concerns over fuel consumption and adding a question mark to the very completion of the flight. Through careful use of the onboard radar and input from the flight team back at Mojave, the Voyager succeeds in beating the storm by turning south and breaking-out into clear weather. The worst of the moments is over for Voyager and her crew. This sense of relief and exhilaration at beating nature is evident in this image. This is the legacy of Voyage and of her gallant crew, Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager.

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