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Great Falls of the Passaic

John Buxton

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Height34 inxWidth 21 in

Limited Edition of: 50



1st Place Winner of the PleinAir Salon Competition

Just outside New York City runs the Passaic River and one of the most impressive sets of waterfalls in the east. The Lenni Lenape Indians knew the falls well as a prime camping and fishing site. They called it “Totowa,” to sink or be forced down beneath the waters by weight, a tribute to this awesome mass of water. The falls were also a natural bottleneck for prodigious amounts of sturgeon during their annual spawn. Long before the canvas sails of the Europeans appeared on the ocean’s horizon, present-day Paterson, New Jersey, was an important and thriving Indian community.

John Buxton’s award-winning "Great Falls of the Passaic" is a stirring reminder of the astonishing wilderness sites and bygone way of life that have long since been swallowed up by urban growth. This Fine Art Limited Edition Canvas is a work of that art educates, inspires while bestowing a natural beauty and grace to any room in which it hangs.

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