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Fatherly Advice

John Buxton

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From historical artist John Buxton comes a suite of two paintings that focus on family life in colonial times; a daughter's pride in her father and a father's passing of wisdom to his sons.

The officer who appears in both images is of the 60th Royal Americans during the French and Indian War period. The group was made up of Europeans who came to the colonies circa 1755.

In "A Daughter's Touch," a girl helps straighten her father's uniform as to make sure he looks his best. In "Fatherly Advice," the same officer advises a pair of young men.

John Buxton is known for his historical art and for the painstaking research he puts into recreating specific scenes and battles. What is interesting about this pair of paintings is that the specific stories are left to the viewer's imagination. Is the officer in "A Daughter's Touch" preparing for battle or is this a festive occasion? Are the two young men in "Fatherly Advice" learning strategies of war or is he possibly sharing a life lesson?

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