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Gathering of The Herd

Brent Townsend

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Height18.5 inxWidth 35.5 in

Limited Edition of: 1000



"This scene takes place in southern Alberta, near the Montana border, in the Rocky Mountains. I was visiting at the edge of the foothills during the fall when I was inspired to paint this.

"I wanted to depict an elk herd but in a different way. Instead of showing
'prize' bull elks in the foreground, I decided to depict a young bull instead. Then I placed two more playfully sparing a bit farther back. That conveys the size of the landscape and gives it depth.

"I am trying to draw your eye back into the image and then up to the mountain. To keep your eyes from careening off the image, though, I purposely cut off the top of the mountain. That way, your gaze is 'locked in' and not drawn out of the image."

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