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Hailstorm Creek

Brent Townsend

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Height17.13 inxWidth 33 in

Limited Edition of: 1250



"In honor or Algonquin Park's 100th anniversary, I painted a bull moose and a cow moose in a location of my own devising. Moose symbolize northern wilderness and wildlife to me. When you see one, you know you're not standing at 42nd and Broadway.

"The first thing you should know about Algonquin Park is that it's huge. I cover more than 7000 square kilometers - that's 2 1/2 the times of Yosemite. There is one section of the park that is a nature-reserved zone. That is where I usually go canoeing because there are a lot of moose up there.

"I called the image 'Hailstorm Creek' simply because I liked the sound of it. It wasn't hailing that morning when I went looking for moose in late October but there was snow the night before and sleet in the morning. It finally settled into a cold, overcast, tranquil day which is what I tried to capture."

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