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Without Warning-Golden Eagle and Raven

Carl Brenders

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Height21.75 inxWidth 31.38 in

Limited Edition of: 450



Flying like an eagle is the secret dream of many humans. For me, this dream came true in this painting!

I wanted to create the feeling of being high in the sky together with the most beautiful flying creature in the world. Therefore, I had to avoid any landscape or clouds. I wanted to capture the atmosphere of the evening sun, penetrating some mist.

Since ravens and crows have the surprising habit of chasing raptors much bigger than themselves, picturing that in my painting was a very attractive idea. It is very interesting to see how the raptor finally leaves the raven’s territory. Usually, there is more than one raven. I felt that, for my composition, one raven was better. The viewer can imagine another one outside of the image, preparing its loop.

Most adult raptors can handle these attacks and can avoid being hit by the aggressors. My eagle is a young bird, not yet familiar with such air attacks. I cropped the wings to strengthen the feeling of being close to the bird and to make you a part of that dramatic moment in the sky.

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