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While the Cat´s Away -Cougar Cubs

Carl Brenders

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“While the cat’s away, the mice will play.” In this case, the mother cougar went hunting, leaving the cubs in a safe place. These cubs might stay and wait for the return of mom. But in every family there are always different characters. Some look for adventure, some just respect the rules, and others will just be too shy to do bad or risky things.

In this scene, one can easily see the different characters. The shy one is the one in the back. The middle one is the good one and will wait for mother. The one on the left doesn’t know what to do and might follow the one on the right, if he wants to venture around, and he looks as though he wants that. The middle one in the front seems to think, “I’m OK here, I feel comfortable, and mom surely will bring some goodies.”

In nature it’s interesting to see that young animals have behavior quite similar to human kids, and just like our kids, they can have different temperaments. And they surely all like to play and discover.

When mother is not there, the brave might be tempted to explore things, and consequently, their games can get them into big trouble. In a litter of five cubs, rarely do all five get to the adult age. Danger is everywhere, and even predator cubs are vulnerable… but, the cat came back!

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