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Top of the World-Polar Bear

Carl Brenders

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Height16.38 inxWidth 32.5 in

Limited Edition of: 3500



On top of our wonderful planet, and close to the top in the tundra areas, lives a beautiful white creature, who appears to be cute, but who in reality, is very dangerous. The polar bear is also among the top predators, completely adapted to the extreme cold climate of the far North and an excellent swimmer, the nightmare of the seals!

Some polar bears never leave the ice and really live on the top of the world, but some come as far south as Hudson Bay. During the summer, they live almost like the grizzly, eating berries and ground squirrels.

The scenery in my painting is the actual tundra. I wanted to show (and enjoy painting) the powerful claws of the polar bear in contrast with its delicate white fur. The peaceful, innocent glance in the eyes of the polar bear is deceiving; this white beauty is a dangerous killer, but necessary in the cycle of life on our planet.

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