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Memories of Tchaikovsky

Carl Brenders

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Height21.75 inxWidth 32.38 in

Limited Edition of: 1750



Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by how a white object can get so many colors when the sun plays with it. When such an object is a white bird, it becomes a real treat in a late afternoon sun. The delicate, slightly transparent feathers allow an artist to paint in a lot more different tints than he first thought he would.
The challenge in this painting was rendering the texture of the feathers with all the creamy and bluish tints and retain the appearance of a white bird. Since I listen mostly to classical music while working, I like to refer to that in my titles. When I see swans, I always think of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. I think the title, Memories of Tchaikovsky, suits the romantic poetry in this painting very well.

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