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In Focus - Great Horned Owl

Carl Brenders

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Predators and prey, it means that the balance of this planet is kept on unfriendly way. All the species developed in harmony. But there never was any compassion. An individual was never important, the species had to survive. I know animal lovers who cannot stand predators. I never agreed with that. Love for nature automatically brings a big respect and admiration for those useful animals. They keep everything in balance.
Mice could have 5 to 10 litters a year of 5 to 6 young. Imagine nature without predators. Owls, hawks, and eagles have an important task in the circle of life. An overpopulation of rodents always attracts raptors. The enormous amount of species of owls all over the world is a good answer to the biodiversities, but the jewel of this kind of birds for me is the Great Horned owl the cousin of the European eagle owl. The intelligent look in his eye is remarkable and made him the symbol of wisdom. His silent flight makes him very mysterious and he becomes an important character in novels and fairy tales. The model for this painting was sitting on the hand that painted him (with a leather falconer glove). The closeness of those eyes made an unforgettable impression on me.

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