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Heart to Heart

Braldt Bralds

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For all who hold fast to love . . . . Braldt Bralds has more than his share of muses. One, whom we might call the “Muse of Mews,” inspires him to paint whimsical portraits of felines, as in "Cat•as•trophy." Another muse, who arises from a very different corner of the creative universe, urges him to express his more serious, contemplative side. Recently, Bralds has been exploring his views on relationships and romance through a series of remarkable “rock paintings” — natural stone images that intrinsically convey stories of love. Look at "Heart to Heart" and just try not to picture a couple you know or reflect on the affection and adversity that bind them together. We weren’t at all surprised to learn that "Heart to Heart" was warmly received at Bralds’ critically acclaimed one-man show at Santa Fe’s prestigious Gerald Peters Gallery.

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