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If Only in My Dreams

William S. Phillips

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Height36 inxWidth 17 in

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"Let Your Heart Come Home" to Phillips Bay Over the years with Greenwich Workshop, William S. Phillips had painted numerous historical themes, and in 1991, he approached Greenwich Workshop founder Dave Usher with an idea for a series of paintings that would capture a nostalgic look at the American home front during World War II. The change in mood and direction of the war at home would be reflected in the paintings as the series progressed. Dubbed The American Homefront Collection, "If Only in My Dreams" was the first of these paintings and is infused with the somber concern and patient longing for the return of the soldiers during the early years of the war. "If Only in My Dreams" was also the first painting depicting Phillips Bay, a charming and archetypical American village created by the artist. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to present this favorite in canvas, which most closely resembles my original painting,” says Phillips. The American Homefront Series also includes "The Dream Fulfilled, Where the Love Light Shines" (1945) and "A Christmas Leave, When Dreams Come True."

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