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No Empty Bunks Tonight

William S. Phillips

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Running dangerously low on fuel, "Tail End Charlie" begins its descent for home. The last plane in an aircraft formation, "Tail End Charlie" is usually the one most vulnerable to attack. The crew of 478, racing through war-torn skies above Britain and the English Channel, has survived flak, fighters, thunderstorms and the bone-chilling cold of high altitude battle, to complete yet another in a long series of missions. Ahead is the welcome homecoming of debriefing, hot meals and a warm bed. For the 478, there will be no empty bunks tonight.

The B-24 depicted in "No Empty Bunks Tonight" belonged to the 578th Bomb Squadron, 392nd Bomb Group, 2nd Division, 8th Air Force, based out of Wendling, England in 1944.

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