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Welcome Home, Yank

William S. Phillips

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Anniversary Edition Canvas


The essence of "Welcome Home, Yank" is the spirit of cooperation that prevailed during World War II. The mood is one of relief . . . at least on the part of the B-24 crew. They've just experience a harrowing flight through occupied territory and heavy rain squalls, all in an aircraft damaged by flak and German fighters. The stricken B-24 is picked up by a Spitfire Mark IXB of the 403 Squadron based at Kenley-Middlesex. With the threat of enemy fighter attack ever present, the first sight of the Spitfire over the French coast was a joyous moment for the crew. The bomber and its escort are out over the English Channel, the White Cliffs of Dover now on the horizon. This B-24, No. 64452-S, call sign "Bourbon Green," is attached to the 453rd Bomb Group, 2nd Bomb Wing, 8th Air Force. Its base is Old Buckenham, northeast of London. It was not uncommon for Spitfires to patrol the coast looking for stragglers and disabled bombers.

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