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Ashore at Soldier´s Cay

Christopher Blossom

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A trace of salt water is noticeable in the light tropical breeze; time-worn, velvety Caribbean sand gives way underfoot; the soft intermingling of land and sea the only sound. Christopher Blossom’s passion for the beauty of the sea keeps him close to his subject and it was while on a working trip in the Bahamas’ Berry Islands that he found inspiration for "Ashore at Soldier’s Cay." “This small uninhabited cay was about 300 yards long by 100 yards wide and probably 10 feet at its highest elevation. Consisting of mostly coral, beach and scrub brush, with the Atlantic to the east and banks (where we were anchored) to the west. I found the essentially deserted landscape intriguing. It seemed like we were the only people on earth.”

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