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Onshore Breeze

Christopher Blossom

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Height28.25 inxWidth 22.5 in

Limited Edition of: 850



"I am always looking for a new image that will inspire me. In some cases, as in 'Traveling in Company' it is a view from a boat. In 'Silhouette,' it was a bird's-eye view. For 'Onshore Breeze,' however, I have taken a view from shore-in this case, the view over lush ground where the lure of sailing can be felt with each glimpse. "My interests almost always lie in the composition, the contrast and the lighting conditions of an image. Like most of my prints, 'Onshore Breeze' is a work of design, light and shadow rather than a re-creation of a specific sailing experience. This 'Onshore Breeze' is any place you remember fondly or can imagine visiting and I enjoy bringing these places to you."

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