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Heading Home

Christopher Blossom

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Height16.06 inxWidth 27.75 in

Limited Edition of: 950



It's late afternoon at Annapolis Harbor and a sailboat, under full sail, heads home through the anchorage. In the background, on the left, is the 19th century Church of St. Anne. On the right is the Maryland State House built in 1772 and still in use by the Maryland legislature. As they did two hundred years ago, the waters of Annapolis continue to offer a bountiful harvest of seafood. Early in this century, when the famed Chesapeake oysters began to disappear because motorboats dredged the ocean bottom too thoroughly, a law was passed that shellfish could only be gathered by boats under sail. The law is still in effect, but this sailboat is not designed for profitable shell fishing . . . it's only out for a pleasure trip.

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