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Alaska Chat

Carl Brenders

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Meeting a mother with cubs in the wild is extremely dangerous. Bears are unpredictable, and surely mothers with offspring. Yet the interaction between young animals remains an attractive subject to me.

Several times I experienced nice encounters with grizzlies in Alaska. September is an excellent time to go there, colors everywhere and nice brown bears in the vast tundra. They eat a lot to gain weight for the winter. Berries are everywhere, so they don’t pay attention to you. The berries have all their attention. This is the right moment to get good reference photographs. That’s how a painting ripens in your mind. All the impressions are so easy today to record and take home. It still is a lot of work to assemble all the images until the composition of the painting is done. Then the talent does the rest. Interpretation and fantasy are the words to use. The sensation of the encounters in the wild helps you create a good painting.

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