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Hello Universe

Alan Bean

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Artist's Proof

Height16 inxWidth 29 in

Limited Edition of: 550



We were saddened to hear of the death of astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the last surviving member of Apollo 14, on February 4th, 45 years from the his mission to the moon, which ran from Jan. 31 to Feb. 9, 1971. Mitchell was 85 years old. He retired from NASA and the Navy in 1972. Mitchell was the lunar module pilot, the job held by artist and astronaut Alan Bean in the Apollo 12 mission. . The rest of the crew was commander Alan Shepard, and command module pilot Stuart Roosa. Alan Bean painted several scenes from Apollo 14 including “Big Al and His Rickshaw” (Alan Shepard and the modularized equipment transport which was the first wheeled vehicle on the moon), “Sunrise Over Antares,” and perhaps most famously, “In Flight,” Alan Shepard’s golf swing with Ed Mitchell’s commentary. The Greenwich Workshop was proud to publish “Hello Universe”, a single representative astronaut in a spirited gesture of joy and wonder, in a fine art limited edition print, signed by Alan Bean, Eugene A. Cernan and Edgar D. Mitchell.
“Here we are, humans of planet Earth, standing on our only moon. Getting there wasn’t easy; in fact, it took about four hundred thousand of us giving our best efforts. None could do it alone but together we found a way to achieve this seemingly impossible dream. When the time is right, we will be ready to continue our noble quest to expand humanity’s reach. Our children and our children’s children will have to continue the search, each succeeding generation moving a little farther out, discovering more answers and even greater questions. The Universe awaits our audacious human spirit. Be patient . . . we are coming.” Countersigners: Eugene A. Cernan and Edgar D. Mitchell.

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