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40"w x 30"h - Masterworks Canvas is SOLD OUT


"Few of us remember all of Jesus’ parables; it seems each time I read the New Testament, it’s a matter of rediscovery. I’ll come upon a certain parable and find it has new meaning and relevance to my life. That’s why I thought I would gather several parables together in one image and create an opportunity for viewers to recall and share them. I worked closely with my friend Robert Millet, Dean of Religious Studies at Brigham Young University, in selecting these twelve and we feel that each conveys a special aspect of Jesus’ teachings. I always hope my work fosters not only contemplation and personal reflection, but also a sharing of experiences. I’d be delighted if this print inspired you to talk about these stories with your children or grandchildren.

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More Information
Height 17"
Width 22"
Edition Anniversary Edition Canvas
Limited Edition of 228
Published November 2012
Artist James C. Christensen


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