Joshua Spies

Joshua Spies found inspiration in wildlife and the outdoors from an early age. His childhood home in Watertown, South Dakota was filled with wildlife art and images of animals. Frequent travel with his family only increased Spies’ interest in the animal kingdom and the great outdoors. During his first year at South Dakota State University, Joshua’s works in pencil were featured in a national art show. Josh graduated from the university in 1996 with a degree in fine arts. From that day, his artwork began to accumulate both critical and popular acclaim, amassing an impressive collection of awards and recognitions. Notable recent honors include the use of his artwork in two major motion pictures, an interview in People magazine and the Dallas Safari Club Artist of the Year award. Spies has covered an impressive amount of ground for such a young artist. His search for subject matter for his dynamic wildlife paintings have taken him around the world. Spies also has an interest in photography and has attended the National Geographic magazine’s workshop and competition in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he won the prize for best photograph. Joshua lives with his wife and son in South Dakota.
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