Wild in the Country

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Judy’s fine art edition is a delightful rendering of a wild foal and his dam. Basking both in the sunlight and in his mother’s love, this spring arrival celebrates his wildness and his joy of living. Nothing heralds springtime quite like new little ones born in the wild. Curious and eager to explore, there is still the desire to remain close by mother’s side, protected and adored. Can you see the camouflaged image in "Wild in the Country?" Judy often conceals another image within her paintings. Sometimes it is a Native American legendary figure, sometimes an animal spirit and sometimes, as in this painting, she includes a companion species. Take a close look at the mother’s hide on the left. Joining this new foal is a hidden wolf pup who is equally ready to celebrate the new world around him!

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More Information
Height 11
Width 14
Limited Edition of 150
Published June 2010
Artist Judy Larson


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