Angel with Two Faeries

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"I have always preferred to paint angels as beautiful winged women. I strongly feel that the feminine side of human nature communicates angelic qualities- peace, encouragement, support and unconditional love-in many ways, that which we get from our mothers," explains James Christensen. "And then there are faeries. These social yet mischievous creatures commonly make fleeting and momentary promises. Some have the attention span of a newt, and I have it on good authority, and neatness may not be their forte either. Given all that, it's not so hard to imagine a social structure upon which relationships between them could be based." Every now and then Christensen breaks out of his tight and detailed style and shows that he also knows his way around the sensuous qualities of paint. "Angel with Two Faeries" is part of the same series James created that included "Angel" (his most recent sold out fine art edition release). "Faith, Hope and Charity" and "Three Clowns" were also painted around the same time. While "Angel with Two Faeries" may be a wonderful companion piece to "Angel," this colorful and decorative Fine Art Giclee Canvas will hang resplendently by itself. Hurry and order yours before this piece of magic disappears.

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More Information
Height 24
Width 32
Limited Edition of 65
Published October 2013
Artist James C. Christensen


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