Children of the Raven

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Grimly prepared, a well-armed party of Crow Indians advances across a mountainside overlooking a beautiful river valley. The Crow called themselves Absaroke, in loose translation "the Raven People." In the late 1700s, the Crow moved into some of the valleys around the Rocky Mountains. Their hunting grounds were rich with game and so desirable that the Sioux and Blackfeet tribes regularly came to raid and hunt. The Crow had to be in constant readiness to defend their lands against superior enemy numbers. Artist Frank C. McCarthy created heroic images of the American West that have gained legions of admirers among art lovers and critics alike. The Greenwich Workshop is proud to have published his art for decades. Whether his subjects are Native Americans, mountain men, cavalry or cowboys, McCarthy's paintings have an intensity that draws viewers immediately into the canvas.

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More Information
Height 16
Width 30
Limited Edition of 72
Published April 2004
Artist Frank C. McCarthy


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