Sleeping Beauty

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“When the king learned that his precious princess Briar Rose had been cursed to prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and sleep for a hundred years,” says Scott Gustafson, “he commanded every single one of the ominous devices in the kingdom to be destroyed. And so they were — except for one . . . . “It is exactly one century to the day and a young prince has come to see for himself if the ancient, thorn-shrouded castle is truly enchanted. Tiptoeing past the sleeping guards and up the grand staircase, he enters a darkened chamber. The mists of time swirl about his feet as light sifts through the overgrown windows. Drawing back the heavy curtain, he falls instantly in love with the sleeping princess who has been waiting, just for him, for one hundred years.”

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More Information
Height 24
Width 19
Limited Edition of 75
Published June 2008
Artist Scott Gustafson


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