Advertising Horse

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Morning Eagle, a noted old Blackfoot warrior and the hero of many battles, led through the camp his old white war horse, decorated with medicine emblems and picture writings, presenting his achievements in early days, while, in a loud voice he called the people's attention to his "advertising horse," and proclaimed his deeds of valour. Although a very old man, he was still alive during the Sun Dance Camp of 1909. He was then nearly blind and had completely lost the use of his legs, but he still retained his old-time enthusiasm and love of excitement. He had the young men lift him upon his war horse, that he might ride through camp as of old and take part in the sham battles. - from "The Old North Trail" by Walter McClintock (1910)

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More Information
Height 18
Width 27
Limited Edition of 100
Published December 2016
Artist Judy Larson


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