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“Some paintings just flow off the end of your brush, others evolve over time. 'Comfort' was one that took a while,” Cassandra Barney explains. “My husband said that every time I worked on it I would repaint the whole thing and lose what was a beautiful painting in the process. I think that happens sometimes. You have to be willing to give up on something that is not quite there in the process of finding something better. The layers of color and luscious texture the painting has taken on are a result of that repainting process.” “That approach also gave the painting the time to evolve into a more pertinent reflection of the feeling I wanted to express about motherhood. We all want to be a source of strength when it comes to caring for and protecting our children and at the same time we have that time need to be loved and protected as well. It's about giving comfort and the comfort you receive in return. In providing comfort to my little lambs, I receive the same in return.” '

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More Information
Price $450.00
Height 24
Width 12
Limited Edition of 75
Published August 2007
Artist Cassandra Barney


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