Wet Way

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In 1755, George Washington acted as an aide-de-camp to British General Edward Braddock as the British attempted to retake the Ohio Country from the French. Although the expedition itself ended in disaster for the British and colonial forces, the campaign provided an opportunity for the young Washington to distinguish himself in battle. Three years later, when Scottish general John Forbes began to plan his own campaign to take Fort Duquesne, he called upon Washington for assistance. Washington suggested they attack via a southerly route, but Forbes insisted on developing a new passage inland instead. Fortunately, Forbes had made the right decision and successfully eradicated the French. Washington's Scout depicts an officer and two of his men investigating a possible route for what would become Forbes' road. On this return, Washington and his guide, Christopher Gist, are shown attempting to cross the icy Allegheny Rive. The 21 year old Washington fell off the raft into the river and they both spent a cold night on an island before managing to reach the far shore the next morning.

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More Information
Height 12
Width 12
Limited Edition of 75
Published January 1996
Artist John Buxton


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