Endangered Ambassadors-Tiger Cubs

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Can we really afford to lose the most wonderful predator on this planet? Can we, as a so called intelligent species, be responsible for the extinction of a wonder called “tiger”? Brainwashed to consume products that we really do not need, we do not realize that we contribute to the destruction of our own planet. Natural resources have a limit. We are caught in a vicious circle because without consumption we cannot sustain the life we want. Although … awareness is growing in our society: for example organic agriculture is becoming successful. There is hope, but it is five to twelve, time is running out and so it is for the future of so many endangered species. Among them, the most impressive, most beautiful, most charismatic one is the tiger. How can we stop the massacre? Many organizations make a big effort, but this is not enough. Poaching can be stopped with well organized park systems since most surviving tigers live in parks. Park rangers cost money, their equipment costs more money. We all spend so much money for useless things that we soon throw away! Imagine what a fortune could be collected if we decided to avoid these useless expenses. Spending money to save a species is money well spent. We must help W.W.F., we must help Greenpeace just to name a few. On behalf of the declining tiger population, thank you. This painting has to arouse the consciousness of the viewer, for new life in the wild brings hope. I held these tame models in my arms. The feelings that filled my heart were indescribable. Dear tiger, don’t leave me alone!

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More Information
Height 28
Width 36
Limited Edition of 180
Published August 2014
Artist Carl Brenders


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