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How to Purchase
Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Editions

We at the Greenwich Workshop firmly believe that the most enjoyable and successful art collecting experiences begin with a relationship with an Authorized Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Dealer. Though we do not sell directly to collectors, this site can help you to contact your Preferred Dealer and make your purchase.

  1. Find the Fine Art Edition you wish to purchase, locating it through either the Artist’s Studio or Fine Art Category. You can also search for a given work of art or artist.
  2. Click on the thumbnail of your chosen work to bring up the Detail Page
  3. On the Detail Page, click Ask About Availability.
  4. If you have registered with us and have already selected a Preferred Dealer, a form indicating your interest in a Fine Art Edition will appear. If the information in the form is correct, click submit.
  5. If you have not registered with us and do not have a Preferred Dealer, you will be walked through the process of doing so.

On the Detail Page you will also note that the status of the edition at the Publisher is indicated as either: Available, Low Inventory or Sold Out. Both Available and Low Inventory indicate that the Greenwich Workshop still has the ability to fulfill the edition to your Dealer. Sold Out indicates that the Greenwich Workshop no longer has the edition in stock, but your Preferred Dealer may be able to assist you in locating one. If you are interested in a Sold Out edition, don’t let that stop you from inquiring with your Preferred Dealer about its availability.

The Greenwich Workshop will also be notified of your inquiry and will ensure that your Preferred Dealer responds in a timely manner.


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