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Book Media Resources
  • Artwork on this page is copyrighted and its use must be credited as follows:
    ©(Artist Name). ©The Greenwich Workshop®, Inc.
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  • If you are interested in licensing images from The Greenwich Workshop, please visit GWLicensing.
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Z.S. Liang: Native Trails, Fresh Tracks 
Art by Z.S. Liang
Text by Tom Saubert
Greenwich Workshop Press Hardcover Book:
144 pages, 9" by 12", 144 pages, jacketed. Over 70 full-color paintings and 18 artifacts from the artist’s personal collection.$60

- Book Cover 300dpi | 72dpi
- Press Release (.pdf)
- The Diversion, Bozeman Trail, 1866 
Artwork: 300dpi | 72dpi
Story: pdf | doc
- Overlooking Two Medicine River, 1806
Artwork: 300dpi | 72dpi
Story: pdf | doc
- Artist Z.S. Liang 300dpi | 72dpi
- Author Tom Saubert 300dpi | 72dpi
- Arist and Author Bios pdf | doc


75 Freshwater Tropical Fish of the World 

by Flick Ford 
Foreword by Mo Devlin
Greenwich Workshop Press Hardcover Book:
9 7/8" w x 7" h, 176 pages, 75 full color watercolor paintings. $29.95

- Book Cover 300dpi | 72dpi
- Press Release (.pdf)
- Artwork: Butterfly Splitfin 300dpi
- Artwork: Firemouth Cichild 300dpi
- Artwork: Splendid Killifish 300dpi
- Artist Headshot: Flick Ford 300dpi | 72dpi
- Foreword Aurthor Headshot: Mo Devlin 300dpi | 72dpi
- Artist and Author Bios (.pdf)


Terpning: Tribute to the Plains People 
Paintings by Howard Terpning® 
Text by Harley Brown
Greenwich Workshop Press Hardcover Book:
14" w x 12" h, 184 pages, 126 illustrations. $85

- Book Cover 72dpi
- Press Release (.pdf)
- Artwork: Chief Joseph Rides to Surrender 72dpi
- Artwork: Cooling Off the Hard Way 72dpi
- Artwork: The Force of Nature Humbles All Men 72dpi
- Artwork: The Power of the Medicine Robe 72dpi
- Artwork Captions (.pdf)
- Artist Headshot: Howard Terpning® 300dpi | 72dpi
- Aurthor Headshot: Harley Brown 300dpi | 72dpi
- Artist and Author Bios (.pdf)

Horse Indian Wolf 
The Hidden Pictures of Judy Larson®  
by Kathleen Kudlinski

- Book Cover 300dpi | 72dpi
- Book Spreads: pages 8-9 | pages 8-9 with key | pages 22-23 | pages 22-23 with key
- Brochure (.pdf)
- Press Release (.pdf)
- Kathleen Kudlinski 300dpi | 72dpi
- Judy Larson 300dpi | 72dpi
- CIP Data (.pdf)
- Promo Video


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