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Watching the Wagons

by Frank C. McCarthy

“Gathering storm clouds symbolize the approaching conflict as Indians worriedly observe settler wagons
just beyond effective rifle range,” wrote Frank McCarthy. “In the beginning people were mostly just passing through, but as settlers increasingly dropped off to stay, it was clear that the Indians’ claim to the land was threatened.” A massive thunderstorm gathering in the background adds drama to this painting and symbolizes the growing storm between settler and Native American. A group of Sioux watch as an early wagon train pushes west. The Native Americans were not yet ready to fight, for they had not yet lost their buffalo herds or vast lands. But as the influx continued, these events would come to pass, and the gathering storm would break and unleash its fury on the prairie.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
Edition not to exceed 75 and numbered.
30"w x 18"h.
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Also by Frank McCarthy

The Coming of the Iron Horse

by Frank McCarthy


Essential West
The West is America’s mythological playground. Like the Aegean Sea of ancient Greece, the West defines us as a country physically and spiritually. Catlin, Remington and Russell established Western art as the most indisputably American form of art. The Greenwich Workshop counts among its Family of Artists some of the most important artists shaping this vision of the West today.

Black Elk's Great Grandson

by James Bama

Waiting for the Grand Entry

by James Bama


by Nelson Boren


by Don Crowley

Beyond Negotiations

by Bev Doolittle
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