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Riparian Riches

by Stephen Lyman

‘Riparian’ refers to the life zone along a waterway or a lake and the riches are all the life inhabiting that zone from beneath the dappled water to the foliage in treetops.

 “I wanted to do a very long, wide-angle view of a slow-moving river because I really enjoy painting crystal-clear water with reflections including the textures in the foliage on the opposite side of the river,” said artist Stephen Lyman. “I purposely shortened the view to include just a peek of the sky, because I wanted the viewer to feel this landscape intimately. There’s sand, lichen on boulders, leaves, trunks of trees, grasses, roots and many other things. It’s almost like a still life. Even the bird, a great blue heron, stands motionless in the water, waiting for a fish to come by for breakfast. I chose him because of his quiet and patient personality.”

MasterWork™ Anniversary Edition
Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

edition not to exceed 75,
signed by Andrea Lyman and numbered.
56"w x 16"h (unstretched).

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Wildflower Suite

by Stephen Lyman

Wildflower Suite was a new approach to portraying wilderness for Stephen Lyman. It was four, close-up views that allowed us to appreciate the intricacy of tiny things we might otherwise miss. Lyman chose four very different plants and then added a creature of some sort to each. “These are all scenes that are way out in the wilds discovered while I was off the trail resting,” said the artist. “I had the feeling that nobody had ever seen them before and that nobody ever would again. They are little jewels of discovery out of my wilderness treks.”

There is a Rufous hummingbird on the branch of a mountain hemlock tree with purple cones which are only about an inch long, even when mature. In another scene, a grasshopper climbs a tiger lily. Lyman continues to balance the showy with the unassuming in the third image by pairing a swallowtail butterfly with delicate pink mountain heather. Finally, there’s a ladybug beneath the flowers appropriately named shooting stars. “They explode with fireworks of blossoms at the top of the plant,” Lyman noted. Let the
Wildflower Suite light up a corner in your home or work life with their up-close wilderness views.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
edition not to exceed 100 signed by Andrea Lyman and numbered.

Rufus Hummingbird and Mountain Hemlock (top)
12"w x 5 1/4"h.
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Shooting Stars and Ladybug
4 3/8"w x 13 1/4"h.
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Swallowtail Butterfly and Pink Mountain Heather (bottom left)
9 1/2"w x 9 1/2"h.
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Tiger Lilies and Grasshopper
(bottom center)
7 1/4"w x 8 1/2"h.
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All above mounted on Ampersand hardboard.

Also by Stephen Lyman

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SmallWork™ Canvas

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MasterWork™ Canvas



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